A Brief Hiatus

Coach Rob
Oct 16, 2020


Hi readers, and thanks for following along.

I’ve got a lot of changes happening with Kids & Chess, so I’ll need to take a short break from posting daily, as you probably saw already!

My most exciting new element is the tagline I created: “Changing the World, One Checkmate at a Time.”

Chess doesn’t have the power to change the world; but our kids do. In fact, I’d say they must!

The easiest way for your kids to learn mindset strategies and life skills that will help them all throughout their lives is through the lessons I teach.

My students learn powerful ideas like the value of hard work, resilience and grit, massive confidence, and that as human beings, we are always improving and always growing — as long as we choose to focus on those things.

Skills like creative problem-solving, planning, evaluating consequences and much more are learned as well. Chess is a powerful vehicle for change, and that is how I teach and use it.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit the website at: www.kidsnchess.com. You can also join the Kids & Chess mailing list so that your kids never miss an opportunity to learn and grow.

You can also email me: coachrob@kidsnchess.com

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back once I’ve finished my quest for a bigger and better website and an all-new Kids & Chess!



Coach Rob

I’m a chess coach who works with kids of all skill levels to teach chess by connecting the material so it can be rapidly put to use. Visit: https://rb.gy/xqdp8g