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3 min readOct 12, 2020

How can I get my message out to as many kids as possible? How can I teach kids to play better chess, as well as teach them important things about life like the value of hard work, the need to have a plan, the need to understand that every move you make will have both positive and negative consequences — and how to weigh them.

And most of all, how I can I show more and more kids that the sky is truly the limit for them? And that our only limitation is our imagination, a belief that fuels me to reach for anything I want every day.

Teaching a class, back when we could gather in person!

I decided to teach a free chess class. Yesterday, Saturday October 10, was National Chess Day in the United States. Teachers and chess enthusiasts are encouraged to share their expertise, host tournaments, and the like.


I taught my live class via Zoom independently after blasting out the invite on social and to my list of email subscribers a little less than 24 hours before the lesson! Learned my own lesson there — but more on that later!

As I went live, I sent out another email to my entire list, announcing I would be live for the next 30 minutes teaching the lesson and giving them the link to join once again.

Not knowing what to expect, I panicked a little when I found out that under my current plan with Zoom I could only host 100 kids. That was my capacity! I had hoped for 100 as a decent turnout that I could build off of, so imagine my surprise at finding out it’s my MAX instead!

I had 21 kids show up, all told. Far below what I had thought might happen, but that gives me incredible hope. Again, this was less than 24 hours notice… Imagine what the turnout might be if families could plan on it!

So I then asked myself, “Why not do these classes every week and grow the group to 100 as kids continue to enjoy themselves and get their friends involved?”

The still shot I used in the promo material I posted to Facebook (@kidsnchess)


So long story short, I’ll be hosting FREE chess classes for kids every Saturday at 11am PST. Each month I will teach the Big Three lesson on the first Saturday, followed by a wide variety of useful lessons on subsequent ones.

This way, students can repeat the basics (I call them my Big Three), which I taught yesterday, once per month. One of the things I teach them is a phrase I heard (and live by!) that goes: “Repetition is the mother of skill.”

New students to the group can get the Big Three for the first time if they keep showing up and also have the chance to repeat the vital information contained there.

I’ll be documenting the entire journey here, so stay tuned for updates each Sunday. I’ll post some of what I learned as I refine and perfect my technique and my delivery of the material to make these the best chess lessons nobody can buy — because I won’t let them pay me!


If you’re interested in getting updates about these classes, join my email list here: kidsnchess.com

Of course, feel free to email me directly as well: coachrob@kidsnchess.com

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!



Coach Rob

I’m a chess coach who works with kids of all skill levels to teach chess by connecting the material so it can be rapidly put to use. Visit: https://rb.gy/xqdp8g